Reflective Address Plate

The Citywide Reflective Address Plate is made of a durable metal and is coated with a weather proof reflective film to ensure high visibility at night. Our trained professionals will install the Reflective Address Plate with precision and care. The Plate can be installed onto all mailboxes and curbsides. If you have any special installation requests feel free to state them in the provided box at the end of the order form. We are also able to install the Reflecto-Plate on fences, posts and trees if requested.

Curb Painting

Many neighborhoods don’t have curbs, but for those that do, we offer to paint highly reflective address numbers on your curb. We are the only ones who guarantee our quality and reflectivity. We scrape off old, flaky paint and then mask its shape and prime the curb before painting. We do not use cheap paint—all of our materials are the very best on the market. Each painted address is coated with .25 micron glass beads to ensure high visibility at night. Depending on the city, we may offer logos such as an American flag, or a football team, etc.

Vinyl Numbers for Mailbox

This is an add-on service for customers who order the curb painting or the reflective address plate. We secure highly reflective white vinyl numbers to both sides of the mailbox, increasing once more the visibility of your address.


All prices are printed on the neighborhood notice that you received. If you do not see the prices please don’t hesitate to call us and ask.

Additional Reflecto-Plate Placement

We typically install the Reflecto-Plate on mailboxes, but upon request we can also install them on the following objects.

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